RFID card case

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Item number: 426
Product information: "RFID card case"
Elegant case for up to 7 credit and / or business cards. protects your
cards against skimming with a special blocking RFID foil. (skimming:
card data are read out illegally from the magnetic strip without contact
with a scanner and will be read and copied to fake cards).
Material: metal/textile
individually boxed
dimensions: 103 x 66 x 21 mm
weight: 86 g

on body, 40 x 20 mm (D2/UV2/L2).

100 % climate neutral
Colour: Grey
Materials: Fabric , Metal
Article length (in mm): 103
Article width (in mm): 68
Article height (in mm): 23
Single packaging length (in mm): 104
Single packaging Width (in mm): 70
Single Packaging Height (in mm): 24
Items per Package: 128
Weight per Article (in g): 87
Single article weight with packaging (in g): 98
Single article shipping weight (in g): 98
Shipping package length (in mm): 415
Shipping package width (in mm): 325
Shipping package height (in mm): 265
Shipping package weight (in g): 12500
SKU: N-m 426
Customs tariff number: 42023210
Dimensions (in mm): 103 x 68 x 23
BSCI member: nein
manufatured in: China