We go green, join us!

Do you also want to leave positive footprints?

Carbon neutral Melting glaciers and polar caps, extreme weather, rising sea levels, deforestation: just two decades ago, we perceived this with a bad feeling and asked ourselves how this could be related to our way of life and our economic activities. The feeling has become a scientifically based certainty that is accepted by society as a whole. And from this came the realization that we have to do something to keep our planet green and worth living in for us and our children. Not tomorrow, but today. The clock is ticking.

Countless small and large projects have sprung up all over the world, all pursuing a common goal: a sustainable improvement in the global climate. We are the generation that would actually have everything clear in their minds if they got rid of the excuses. Instead, we must first let our children talk us into conscience. 

Let's tackle it! 
We discussed and decided that we want to do something. But don't just print or finish a little here and there in a climate-neutral manner, all this in the most effective way possible, but comprehensively and consistently. We are importers of electronic promotional items. This is what we are particularly good at and that is why you have chosen us as your supplier. We had to realize that the nature of our items and their journey to the recipient make an active reduction in CO2 emissions almost impossible. In search of possibilities, we came across  natureOffice.

Nestler-matho, natureOffice and active CO2- compensation 
We move quite a bit of goods over the course of the year; it is important to us to compensate for the CO2 generated during production. Through natureOffice, we invest worldwide in projects that have a lasting positive impact on the climate balance. These are reforestation programs as well as alternative energy production projects. And even more: our new products are packaged without plastic as far as possible, we check all our articles accordingly and will avoid unnecessary plastics directly at the source. 

From now on, every single item that you purchase from us is 100% climate-neutral. Certified and traceable. Every single step of finishing, such as printing or laser engraving, is also climate-neutral. And last but not least, our catalogs are printed on FSC-certified paper in a climate-neutral manner. We see climate and environmental protection as an obligation and would be delighted if you let us inspire you and change the world of retail with us in the long term. So that our footprints that we leave to our descendants will be big and green.

Climate protection and social commitment

Our 12-point plan for climate protection

Resource conservation

1. As less plastic as possible

2. Sensible use of recycled plastics

3. Pure materials, no composites

4. Plastic-free packaging

5. Use of bioplastics, for example PLA, etc.


6. 0% disposable item in the portfolio

Sensible recycling

7. Pure materials can be used again / flow back in the cycle

8. Natural materials are also naturally degradeable

Climate neutrality

9. Tracking of the climate projects through a unique certificate number

10. Payment of compensatory fees to  natureOffice 


11. Optimized packaging sizes for less CO2-emissions

12.On request, climate-neutral shipping to your customer

In addition, there is something else that sets us apart; How and from what a product is made is extremely important to us. Fair wages, social standards, no child labour, rejection of precarious employment and job security are rights that we demand for everyone; this is in the best interests of the manufacturers and our customers, who want security when shopping.