3-in-1 cable (2-in-1 and type C)

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Item number: 433
Product information: "3-in-1 cable (2-in-1 and type C)"
just in case: charge your Android, iOS and Type C devices with just one cable.
By turning the 2-in-1 connector by 180°. universally usable for Android and iOS.
Type C connector as a third option. with load and data transfer function.
Not quickcharge-capable.

Material: aluminium / nylon
individually boxed
dimensions: 17 x 6 mm;
cable lenght 1000 mm
weight: 38 g

100 % climate neutral
Colour: Black
Materials: Aluminium , Nylon
Article length (in mm): 100
Article width (in mm): 1
Article height (in mm): 1
Single packaging length (in mm): 10
Single packaging Width (in mm): 18
Single Packaging Height (in mm): 1
Items per Package: 300
Weight per Article (in g): 38
Single article weight with packaging (in g): 38
Single article shipping weight (in g): 43
Shipping package length (in mm): 400
Shipping package width (in mm): 310
Shipping package height (in mm): 430
Shipping package weight (in g): 12900
SKU: N-m 433
Customs tariff number: 85444290900
Dimensions (in mm): 100
BSCI member: ja
manufatured in: China
Number of outputs: 3
Number of Inputs: 1
Length of charging cable (cm): 100